Perfect Popper Bodies




Product Description


Foam Poppers .Easy to use ,Make great looking super durable poppers

  • 10 per package
  • Easily colored with Prismacolor markers
  • So easy even a beginner can tie a great fly


At one time, the majority of surface poppers for bass, panfish and saltwater were tied out of spun deer hair or shaped cork. Hair bugs and cork poppers remain marvelous fish catchers, but they are laborious to tie and intimidating to many beginning fly tyers. One alternative to creating effective, easy to tie poppers is to use our Foam Perfect Popper heads.
Our Foam Perfect Poppers are constructed of high-density foam that floats high on the water's surface yet is very durable.Cut and Shave to suit also 

To help get you started, each popper head is pre-slotted, tapered and cupped to 3 different shapes.

Tying Foam Perfect Poppers

Popper instruction number 1 Popper instruction number 2
Select a hook with adequate length and gap for the size of your popper. A hump-shank hook is not necessary. Test the hook in the slot to make certain it fits tightly in the groove. If necessary, either enlarge the groove or wrap thread on the hook to increase its diameter.
Popper instruction number 3 Popper instruction number 4
Hold the popper upside down and place the hook into the slot. Squeeze a line of super glue or epoxy into the slot to fill the open cavity. Set the popper aside to dry in an upside down position. If you'd like to add rubber legs, they can be added by pushing a heated bodkin (or sewing needle) through the body of the popper. This makes a hole that runs through the body.
Popper instruction number 5 Popper instruction number 6
Remove the bodkin and force a bobbin threader through the hole you just made. Place two pieces of rubber legs in threader and pull them back through the hole. This will give you an equal number of legs on both sides of the popper.
Popper instruction number 7 Popper instruction number 8
If desired, paint the popper body with a water-based acrylic paint (like those used on plastic models) and/or with waterproof marking pens. Adding eyes will really give you a great looking popper. Stick on eyes are easy to use, or you can paint your own. Apply a gloss or clear coat finish over the eyes to protect them.
Popper instruction number 9
A wide variety of materials can be added to the tail of your popper. Bucktail, marabou, rubber, and