PEAK Portable Light (PTL)


Product Description

The introduction of PEAK's portable fly tying light came 
about because we were unhappy with the lighting solutions 
available. Halogen lights became too hot, and needed a 
cooling off period before they could be put away. Worse yet, 
some could even result in burns if touched. Fluorescent 
sources were frequently not bright enough, produced off 
color light spectrums, were bulky and the tubes are fragile. 
PEAK's PTL LED light source runs cool and provides a 
wide angle of light to illuminate your entire tying area with 
minimal power consumption. Even after a full day of tying, 
the housing remains cool to the touch. No need to worry 
about burning your hand if you accidentally touch your 
light. You also won't feel the heat build up in your tying 
area that you may from some light sources so tying will be 
safer and more comfortable. The lamp provides a full 
spectrum white light that won't skew the color properties of 
the material you're working with. The bracket mounts to 
any PEAK vise stem, PEAK's Accessory Shaft or other 3/8" 
diameter vise stem and incorporates an integral tool holder. 
A 20 inch flexible gooseneck allows optimal positioning of 
the light source. The lightweight construction allows 
PEAK's light to be easily transported.  Wall transformer 
provided supplies 500 mA at 9VDC and is rated for 100 - 
240 VAC at 47 - 63 Hz input.
(Accessories and Vises shown for illustration and are not 
included with the Light)