Product Description

Prefer to fish with a Spey Rod?

The Scandi Long Heads were developed to provide greater distance while casting and offer more control over the line once on the water. Airflo seized DNA from the popular Scandi Compact and stretched and tweaked it until forming a line that would load like the Scandi Compact but would allow users to form a deeper D or V loop and cast farther with less effort. The higher-floating rear helps with casting and mendability.

These Long heads are perfect for surface and near-surface presentations, and will even turn over sinking Polyleaders when you're feeling spirited. If you prefer to fish with a longer Spey rod, the 37-45 foot length (depending on model) lines up perfectly on longer rods. With the new Scandi Long, you can now make the opposing bank a part of the playing field. Scandi Long heads feature a Sky Blue/White colorway and are available in 450 to 600 grains.

REG $69 NOW $40