Pacchiarini Double Tails



Color - Size

Product Description

 The new Pacchiarini's Double Tails are extremely popular – among fly fishermen and the fish!


These tails are made of very thin, but extremely durable foil and they are available in different colored or holographic versions. They will provide your fly with a distinct “darting action“ that is reminiscent of a wounded and escaping baitfish – an irresistible attraction for all kinds of predators. In fact, they will not only tempt pike, because also zander and perch won’t be able to resist them.

Whether Wiggle, Dragon or Double Tails: All of them enable a quick change of the movement, size, and appearance of your fly, which can be a huge advantage when a fish followed your fly. Therefore, you should rig these tails with Pacchiarini's Snaps for Tails in order to enable uncomplicated changing within seconds.