DAIICHI 2135 Bob Veverka Classic Salmon Hook - GOLD




Product Description

Bob Veverka, a noted fly tyer and author from Vermont, designed this hook after extensively studying old handmade hooks from England and salmon flies from the 1800s. The design employs light wire to give the appearance of a gentle, thin hook, which enhances the overall aesthetics of classic "full dress" Atlantic salmon flies. As a fishing hook, this model works very well for wet flies and dry flies for salmon or steelhead trout.

The hooks are made of the finest high-carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered to an exacting formula that makes for a long point life and a very strong hook. Daiichi hooks use a 12-degree constant taper ground needle point. This eliminates irregularities in shape, assuring no weak spots, and gives amazing speed of penetration.

Slightly curved shank
Tapered-loop up-eye
Slightly off-set point
Gold finish
Uses: Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies, Salmon and Steelhead Dry Flies
10 per pkt