Pro Tube Softdisc



Product Description

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The Soft Disc is a brand new disc design. Use it in the front of the fly to create turbulence and volume to soft materials, or use on the body of the fly for lifting the wing, hackle etc. A new tendency we see here in Europe is that a lot of the Flytyers also use it in the back for better swimming characteristics.

The optimized disc design makes it very easy to lift of the water, a light as a feather to cast. The shape allow the tier to make “less than perfect” heads, and still get a good result. The soft and flexible material gives the possibility to change the disc size, color or even change to another disc type is desired. All our discs have exactly the same diameter and pre tension in the center hole, so what you believe is the right color or what you mean the fishing situation dictates is entirely up to you. Just snap it off and put on another one. That is total flexibility!!

All in all a super cool multi function disc that gives you options like never before.

4 sizes and 16 super cool colors gives you absolute freedom of creation.