Pro Tube Flexitube 40mm x 40mm



Product Description

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A revolutionary new injection moulded tube system, with a specially designed weight system, that offers the ultimate versatility in weighing your flies to your needs, without increasing the diameter of the tube. This gives us the strongest and most flexible tubematerial ever created.

We went back to the drawing board to design a tube which had the advantage of connecting two dimensions of tubing together and design this into one tube. It sounds like quite a simple idea, but its not!! Up until now this has only been possible by cutting and gluing or two different diameters of tubing together. This method however will leave a “weak point” in the junction between the two tubes, and the risk of breakage is high. The Pro Flexitube system™ is injection moulded for superior strength and precision.

The Pro Flexitube™ come in 4 different lengths and gives the flytyer nearly unlimited weighing and sizing options. Add to this sizing flexibility 16 amazing colours including cobber, gold and silver metallic, and you have enough options to last a lifetime.

The material used in the Pro Flexitubes is a special blend of 3 different plastic materials, each with its own advantage. This results in a extremely strong tube which have the same softness and strength from -30 degrees up to +50 degrees. We figured that these limits would solve the job!!