Steelhead legacy - Lani Waller



Product Description

Disc One contains the three instructional films made for 3M/Scientific   Anglers titled “Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead”, “Advanced Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead” and “Fly Fishing for Trophy Steelhead.” 

 Released in 1987, these films were heralded as among the best instructional shows ever made.  The topics covered included equipment, strategies, tactics and footage of Lani showing his proven techniques of casting for, hooking and landing Pacific steelhead.  These VHS shows have been unavailable for a few years, but now Worldwide Anglers has re-mastered them to the DVD format.

Disc Two follows Lani on a recent trip to the northwest where again he is hooking and landing steelhead.  In this show Lani also updates casting techniques, equipment and strategies that, in years past, were not even imagined.  Also on this second disc is a Chapter on the accessible and bountiful steelhead fisheries throughout the Great Lakes region.  This Great Lakes Chapter includes maps and advice on where, when and how to fish these plentiful rivers.  And the “Bonus Chapters” section includes a fun Behind the Scenes making of the show.