Beulah Elixir Lines

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Product Description

Beulah Elixir is our Scandinavian style offering. At Beulah, we believe today's shorter Switch and Spey rods need condensed spey lines to maximize ease of casting, overall performance and presentation. Elixir lines are designed to be in the range of 2.5 times rod length and excel with all types of spey casts including both sustained anchor load and splash and go techniques. Our Elixir lines are available as head only completed w/ factory welded loops or as fully integrated Switch (110' head/running line) and Spey (120' head/running line) lines giving you eighteen different options to dial in your spey system.
If the water you are fishing requires heavier flies and tips outside the range of the Elixir, consider our Tonic Line, designed to handle the heavy duty work, with grace

When fishing tight quarters or open gravel bars Elixir's are a joy to cast from your first six foot line dump at the top of a run to 80'+ lasers when distance is necessary! Beulah Elixir will handle your dry line, light, and moderate sink tip needs for all spring, summer and early fall spey excursions. 

The power of the Elixir line is generated by the concentration of weight in the rear third of the taper (closest to running line). The front two thirds rapidly taper down to a fine front taper, dissipating the initial surge of energy into a tight loop with excellent control. In other words the rear weighted part of the line propels the front two thirds which rolls out through the leader and turns over the fly. The Elixir is designed with a large enough tip diameter to turn over poly leaders and modest size flies with ease. Depending on casting ability, these lines should handle poly leader tips 10-11' or shorter and weight 90 grains max for Switch rods and accommodate flies on the lighter side and up to #1/0 to #2. For Spey Elixir, poly leader tips 12-14’, weight to 120 grains.

Short steep rear taper that forms tight bullet shaped loops. The Heaviest concentration of grains is located in the rear 1/3 of the head for complete casting control, tight quarters, or with trees directly overhead. Long gradual tapered fornt section create a smooth, crisp feel with your Elixir line.

Integrated thin diameter running line for exceptional shooting and direct a connection to the Elixir head. Elixir also feature an in-line color change at the load point from subtle Sage Green running line tc Stealthy Straw Yellow Heads. Supple line material for low to no memory, and ease of line management in all weather conditions.

These lines are designed to be fished with the leader that is one and a half times lenght of your rod. We suggest Poly Leaders in 10' and 14' lengths (Switch Rods 10' and Spey 14'). The poly leaders complete your Elixir spey system providing the proper leader length and the added benifit of varied float and sink rates.