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Pieroway metal detector

Quick Overview

The new Whistler Spey Metal Detector series from Pieroway was developed by casting instructor Brian Niska specifically for Skagit casting and tested on the baddest anadromous fish on the planet deep in the heart of Sasquatch country. 

Metal Detectors represent the next generation of skagit specific fly rods – easy casting catapults capable of generating mega-high line speed and air-tight loops with a minimal amount of effort. These rods feature a revolutionary new taper design making for a spey rod that is fun to fish and has the feel and soul that modern-day fast-action spey rods lack.

With stunning good looks, Metal Detector blanks are a deep sapphire colour. Rubberized cork is used where it will enhance casting performance and improve durability. Metal Detectors are incredibly light and have an impressive strength-to-weight ratio due to a unique construction process that also gives them a very distinct feel. The rod tip is very soft flexing but recovers quickly and cleanly. The middle part of the rod is very progressive and fast, much like a powerful scandi rod, but moves down to a regressive taper in the lower end that allows the caster to achieve a very deep load with a minimal amount of effort. These rods encourage a smooth and easy casting stroke and respond best with less power.

You’ll notice we have labeled the rods with the weight that actually loads the rods best (i.e. 510 grains). Whereas most rods are designed for a suggested line sizing and then require the effort to match to the line, we designed the rod to match a specific skagit line. All Metal Detector rods are super light in weight and will likely be the lightest spey rods you’ve ever cast.

There are three rods in the series: a 13’5? 720 grain monster Salmon/Steelhead tamer; a 12' 510grain ultimate all arounder; and a 10’5? 400 grain mini skagit perfect for Trout and Char fishing.

720 – the ‘Pocket Rocket

‘The perfect rod for large water and baddass Salmon and Steelhead. The 720 will enable you to chuck big flies and the heaviest of sink tips with lazer tight loops you’ve always dreamed of.

510 – the ‘Butter Stick’

A true all arounder, this stick rocks with heavy sink tips or dry lines. The 510 is equally at home mining Steel on the Bulkley as it is swinging sink tips and streamers on the Bow river.

400 – the ‘Mini Skagit’ 400

An ultra light two hander that also single hand casts exceptionally well. A truly versatile fishing tool, the 400 really is the ultimate Trout spey.

Model Length
Sections Weight
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Cdn $
MD400 10’5? 400 4 5 1/4 499.95
MD510 12 510 +/- 50 4 7 3/4 539.95
MD720 13’5? 720 +/- 50 4 9 1/2 579.95


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