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Airflo XCEED fly lines incorporate innovative Super Dri technology and a front loaded taper that will push your flies smartly into the wind:
If you fish a dry line in freshwater, you should consider this new Airflo XCEED Fly Line.

Airflo introduces the XCEED among the Super Dri line series and ups the game for floating fly lines across the industry.
The XCEED line by Airflo is a great line choice to optimize performance of modern fast action rods.

Is Airflo Super DRI really new, and will it improve fly line performance? Yes. We have fished these lines and really appreciate these features: ridged surface increases casting distance; super tough loops; float high, shed dirt; no PVDC means enviro friendly; a different color of line denotes the transition between the head and running line; and finally, did we mention that these lines float high?

Real world application of the Airflo XCEED? Want to shoot a fly into the wind? Choose the XCEED and let fly.

XCEED Line Taper boiled down. overall line is 90 ft; the heaviest part of the head is a smart 26 ft; with the overall head at 38 ft.

XCEED line color: Pumpkin orange with pale Green that makes it easy to see when your head is just out of the rod tip.

Line wts available in the XCEED: WF3 through WF9.


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