Single-handed spey casting - Simon Gawesworth



Product Description

  • Covers spey techniques useful for all rods
  • Casting techniques practical for everyday fishing situations

  • 978-0-8117-0559-2
    -->Expert spey caster Simon Gawesworth shares casts adapted from two-handed spey casting that enable you to fish the challenging spots most anglers skip. Whether you’re a small-stream angler casting for tough trout or a saltwater fly fisher, Simon has refined spey casts for all one-handed rod needs: the single spey, double spey, snake roll, snap T, side cast, shepherd’s crook, reach cast, and aerial mends. Learn ways to cast a fly to cope with obstructions wherever you find them and whatever water you fish, making it possible for you to fish the waters that frustrate other anglers.

    About the Author:
    Simon Gawesworth has fished in world championships and has taught spey casting throughout the world. His first book, Spey Casting (978-0-8117-0268-3), introduced many to the two-handed rod. He writes for several fly-fishing magazines and produced the video International Spey Casting. He lives in Ammon, Idaho.

    Praise for Simon Gawesworth’s first book, Spey Casting

    "Whether you simply want to know what all the spey-casting buzz is about, or want to become really proficient at spey casting, you need this book."
    -Fly Fisherman

    "Simon Gawesworth’s Spey Casting . . . was one of the first books to combine clear explanation with good sequence photography."
    -California Fly Fisher