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Author:  Allen McGee

Trout often prefer underwater aquatic insects because they're more vulnerable than surface stages and are more abundant as well.  Fly-fishers know the importance of imitating the specific life stage that trout are feeding on, however most current flies only imitate size, shape, and color of the natural insect.  Soft-hackled nymphs also imitate movement and behavior.  

    Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs explains how to imitate sub-surface aquatic insects using both traditional and modern soft-hackled nymphs and flymphs along with the most effective presentation techniques.  By exploring effective thread and translucent fur body material combinations, as well as game-bird hackle collars, these flies take on life-like properties.  These patterns can be fished throughout the water column from the stream bottom--to imitate immature nymphal forms--to the surface mimicking transitional emergers. Drawing on both traditional and evolved patterns and methods, these wingless wet flies will take you beyond formulaic fishing techniques to unlimited presentation possibilities and will help you catch more trout.

8.5 x 11 Inches, 96 Pages, All Color

Published March 2007


"One of my expectations was that very few books could rival the ground-shaking work done by Sylvester Nemes in the exploration of this, our oldest and most revered of fly designs.  I'm pleased to say that Tying and Fishing Soft Hackled Nymphs meets that challenge." -- Joe Cornwall, www.flyfishohio.com , May 2007

"Allen McGee has given us a modern look at this ancient game.  With the support of outstanding camera work and excellent illustrations, he provides anglers both new and experienced with an excellent summary of the topic.  The book is excellent in every respect. Mr. McGee's book has taken a very deserving place alongside some modern classics such as Dave Hughes and Sly Nemes' The Soft-Hackled Fly.  I recommend it highly." --Bob Petti, www.GlobalFlyFisher.com , August 2007

"A welcome and specialized addition to fly fishing instructional reference collections, Tying a& Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs is especially recommended reading for novice anglers and will prove to be an invaluable instructional reference for the more experienced fly fisherman."-- James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, www.midwestbookreview.com, July 2007