Heritage Angling Products Turbo Discs (10 pk)



Product Description

Heritage Angling Products is a family operated business based in the heart of West Michigan's spey country dedicated to spey and tube fly tying enthusiasts.
Heritage Angling Products Euro Tubing is extruded from a very durable polymer that will remain flexible in the sometimes near freezing water temperatures that are often encountered by anglers targeting salmon and steelhead. They come in a complete spectrum of brilliant colors with two sizes that fit perfectly together.

Turbo Discs are an attractive addition to any tube fly and cause the winging materials and hackles to come alive and breathe in the current. Turbo Discs are offered th both 8mm and 10mm. The bore fits perfectly with our 1.8mm Euro Tubing, withpowder coated and metallic finishes to match any color scheme an angler could want.