Heritage Angling Products 6mm Cone Head (20 pk)



Product Description

Heritage Angling Products is a family operated business based in the heart of West Michigan's spey country dedicated to spey and tube fly tying enthusiasts.
Heritage Angling Products Euro Tubing is extruded from a very durable polymer that will remain flexible in the sometimes near freezing water temperatures that are often encountered by anglers targeting salmon and steelhead. They come in a complete spectrum of brilliant colors with two sizes that fit perfectly together.

Cone heads for tube flies are offered in powder coated and metallic finishes and are used to add both a "hot spot" to the head of the fly and a bit of weight to help balance the tube fly during the swing against the weight of a heavy hook. As with the Turbo Discs,the bore fits perfectly with our 1.8mm Euro Tubing. Many tiers will also use Cone Heads in the body of a tube fly as a foundation for the wing.