Thinkfish - Flypad

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Product option

Product Description


Minimum thickness, maximum convenience of use and storage capacity (17cm x 8.5cm x 2cm).


Sight of its interior without having to open it.


Locking system provided with 8 neodymium magnets and high density neoprene


Interior with interchangeable trays.

The emotion of choice

Fishing is also a question of choice. The choice of the design meeting the needs of the fisherman. The enthusiasm for overcoming the challenge of improving the handling of flies before, during and after a fishing day. Only by maximizing the perfection of choice it is possible to achieve something as spectacular as a Flypad. A minimum thickness ergonomic design that offers the convenience of seeing the flies without having to open the box. It was requested from this design to protect the flies from water without disturbing them. It was possible to reach even further, demanding from it to immediately adapt to our plans and fishing scenarios. We got the answer: FlyPad, the waterproof fly box with modular interior features and easy to store.