Spirit river individual tying kits

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Product Description

Individual Fly Tying Kits with Bills tying videos done using these exact kits. Perfect for classes.
I have created a video on each kit we offer that can be found on either this site or on You Tube. I am hearing from more and more shops that use our kits along with my video because it make classes so simple. Even a rookie tier can give a class. Just add BILL!
Seriously, they are pretty darn good kits and I have done my best to give precise, fast and fun tying lessons. Yes I did all 20. Each kit has everything the tier needs except the thread. The patterns are some of the best in the country and each kit has a comprehensive step by step instruction leaflet. Trout come with 24 hooks in 3 size ranges and Salt has 12 hooks. We use Whiting for the hackle. Note that we do sub a material or 2 when needed like our Airflow Wings instead of dun hen saddle