Product Description

We are pleased to exlusively introduce to you the “Flat Color Wire”. This exceptional product enables a whole new range of fly tying possibilities. The main advantage over a conventional round wire is the surface with very effective reflection and also a little more strength. When used in ringing on the body it cuts less into dubbing,which is enhancing the ribbing effect even more. Flat wire therefore combines the effect of the tinsel and the strength of the wire! We offer a total of 6 variations, each in many colors - so it can be used for tying of all types of flies from micronymphs to really big streamers or salmon and sea flies.

ULTRAFINE - The most fine Flat Colour Wire for the smallest fly patterns – micronymphs, midges etc.

MEDIUM - Universal size for most of the small to big patterns such as nymph, lake flies, streamers etc.

LARGE - For big and very big patterns of streamers, salmon and sea flies. Excellent for "Copper" patterns.

Thoroughly tested! - Many flies have been tying up and many fish have been caught!