Spirit River Intruder Hackle




Product Description

Our new specially processed peacock is UV enhanced and is perfect for any salmon or steelhead patterns. Ties in small at the head and has a wonderful length.
Plus it has a bit of stiffness which allows it to swim n movement on Spey flies.
NOW we have tiers buying this material as a body material wrapped on. On the rouge river dries are being tied, like parachutes and caddis that look realistic and take fish repeatedly.
If you can not find it at your local dealer let us know. We will point you in the right direction.

Spirit River continues to lead the way in UV2 technology. We have used a double dye process to give all our unique UV2 materials and flies the added UVF/UVR ultraviolet wave lengths. We all know UV Florescence which is so common on everything from street signs to bass lures. UV Reflectence is a spectrum of wave lengths humans can not perceive yet is extremely common in the animal and insect world. UVR allows mayflies to find mates, and bees to find flowers. Many male birds and bugs have a strong natural UVR signature.
Check out my You-Tube tying videos with our UV2 products and thanks for supporting us and our dealers.
Remember.....we are a small Oregon family based business and we appreciate your support as do our dealers nationwide.