Vision Slide Spey

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Product Description

Based on our great fishing line, the Spey Ace, we designed a shorter, even easier to use, spey line. Slide Spey has three basic head lengths, 13.5 / 15.0 / 16.5 meter, based on the rod rating. These head lengths are easy to handle even if you are not very familiar with spey lines. They give you good fishing distances easily. The Slide Spey’s taper is designed to turn real fishing flies or sinking polyleaders over with ease. This line is not scared of heavy northern winds or modern, weighted fox flies.
The running line has a dark casting marker just behind the head, showing you the ideal casting spot. The length of this marker goes hand in hand with the head lengths, being shorter on short heads and longer on the longest head. The ready made loop at the front makes it easy to attach the monofilament or the polyleader.

Item nr Type Weight Head length Total lenght Colour
VSP67F Floating 30 g 13,5m 35m Light Yellow
VSP78F Floating 33 g 13,5m 35m Light Yellow
VSP89F Floating 37 g 15,0m 40m Light Yellow
VSP910F Floating 41 g 15,0m 40m Light Yellow
VSP1011F Floating 46 g 16,5m 40m Light Yellow
VSP1112F Floating 53 g 16,5m 40m Light Yellow