Spey to Z



Product Description

This DVD brings a fresh easy to follow look at Spey casting, both with single handed and double handed rods.
It progresses from simple overhead casting through double haul single handed rod onto full single and double spey casts with a double hander. Each step is fully explained in great detail and is filmed in real time and slow motion from several angles leaving the viewer with no doubt about what the line should be doing. The explanations of loop control and timing highlight how the many types speycast have common aspects.

With Dr Way Yins understanding of the mechanics of the human body we are shown how subtle body movements can greatly increase our casting/fishing efficiency.

All this is followed by a comprehensive look at Scandinavian style Spey casting with shooting head systems, again featuring detailed analysis of anchor/loop control by Topher Browne with well filmed troubleshooting tips that point out the mistakes we are likely to make.

Overall this DVD is very well produced and the film and sound quality is first class. With each repeat viewing the beginner or expert will learn to progress their casting ability.

Running Time 93mins