Tachit- Mobile Hook Holder


Product Description

The new mobile holder has all the advantages of the original device: Small size, White Background with inch/mm scales and Hackle Gauge, Strong Magnetic Grip, Interchangeability of pad with our fly box, it can be expanded in numerous spatial configurations and can be put anywhere on your fly tying bench. Do not use organic solvents to clean the magnetic pad. We recommend “409”.

The most economical fly holder in the market per sq.in. of magnetic surface

Mobile foot = total flexibility

The stand now has a foot that is attached with Velcro to the pad assembly. This allows you to place the stand in many positions.

New post for dry fly hackle gauge

There are small holes at the center point of the hackle gauge and the metal stand at opposite corners. Make a post by firmly inserting the supplied pin through the magnet and into the hole in the metal stand with a rotating motion. With continued use, the pin may eventually push through the metal stand. In that case, simply reposition the magnet to the alternate hole at the opposite corner of the stand. Bend a feather around the pin and see which numbered semicircle the feather tips reach. That number is the best nominal hook size for that feather. Variations in hook types will change the feather size.