PEAK non-Rotary Vise (PNRV)



Product Description

After fielding many requests for an inexpensive yet 
durable and functional non-rotary vise, Peak has 
taken the design principles that have served us so 
new and exciting tool.  The PEAK non-Rotary Vise 
uses the same clamping system as the tried and true 
PEAK Rotary Vise.  The base is slightly smaller and 
lighter in weight than the Rotary Vise, making this 
an item to seriously consider if you need a lighter 
weight travel vise.  The base has the durable white 
powder coat finish that we're known for and it still 
disassembles and packs flat for ease of transport.  
The base also includes an additional hole for our 
accessory shaft (not included) and all PEAK 
accessories except our Material Clip will work with 
the non-Rotary Vise.  As with the Rotary Vise, 
optional midge and saltwater jaws are available for 
the PEAK non-Rotary Vise (jaws for the Rotary Vise 
and non-Rotary Vise are not interchangeable). The 
PEAK non-rotary vise (PNRV) will fit our C-Clamp 
option (CMP-1) but is only sold wth the pedestal 
base shown. (Pictured fly not included)