Fulling Mill Fluorocarbon Tippet



Product Description

Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon is the market leader in Europe, regularly scooping top marks in magazines such as Trout Fisherman.

100% Fluorocarbon, it's slightly denser than water helping the line to sink below the surface where it is almost invisible. Outstanding knot strength, excellent behaviour, exceptional abrasion resistance and highly competitive pricing makes it the primary leader material choice for fly fishers everywhere.

50m spools in ten different strengths. . 

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X factorDiameter mmDiameter incheslinear strengthfly Size Suggestion
5X0.160.00633 lbs14 to 20
4X0.180.00714 lbs12 to 18
3X0.1950.00795 lbs10 to 16
2X0.2150.00876 lbs12 to 18