Fulling Mill Copolymer Tippet



Product Description

Secret, unique formula ensures this clear non-shiny material is almost invisible in water and highly abrasion resistant.
Beautifully supple for presenting flies perfectly. No memory! Just pull, and any kinks drop out easily.

Exceptionally strong fine diameter material with superior knot strength, wet or dry, because unique formula ensures minimum water absorption (and an extra long shelf life).
Thoroughly tested against all best sellers in the market. This really IS better than anything we have seen or tried before.

Available in 50M spools (with line retainer) which clip together. Spools individually boxed



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X factor
Diameter mmDiameter incheslinear strength fly Size Suggestion
7X0.1010.003982.21 lb18 to 26
6X0.1270.005013.1 lb16 to 22
5X0.1470.005794.22 lb14 to 20
4X0.1840.007246.4 lb12 to 18
3X0.2010.007917.91 lb10 to 16