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SBS Bass Booby
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Posted: 6-7-2014 11:40:13 PM

Hook- Partridge uni predator size 1
Tail&Winging - White marabou/pearl crinkle
Body -Pearl myler over Booby foam
Thread - Veevus 6/0
Collar- UV hot orange polar chenille
eyes- Booby foam with deercreek wrasse 9mm eyes
Tying instructions - Add a bit of booby foam (more bouyancy the better)Tie in the tail with some flash.

 Slip over the mylar flash and tye off at the back end. Use deercreek UV resin to cure as feathers wont stick to it. Tie in wing marabou and flash and then a couple inches of polar chenille.
 Figure of eight the boobie eyes . A super strong thread such as the Veevus Threads 6/0 is best. cut the foam to suit and add Deer Creek eyes..the best in my opinion. And finally a couple of figure of 8 turns of the polar chenille then good to go.