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Throwback Thurs
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Posted: 6-7-2014 11:15:28 PM

Originated by a Gordon Fraser, a UK fly tier in the early 1980s The Booby fly pattern has rapidly gained popularity so much so that a lot of fisheries now ban it in the uk. This is a pattern I used to tie back in the early 90's .How times have changed! Before the pre-made eyes that are available now you had to wrap up a pair of wee ballies in some old nylons.. Just wait until the old lady finds out I cut a piece from the erse of her tights!
HOOK- Size 10 TMC 2499sbl
Boobs - Suspender Balls and tights
Body - Seals fur and Oval tinsel
Tail- Marabou and a couple strands of Krystal flash
 A Golden Oldie..Remember tying this Buzzer with what was available at the time (which wasnt alot!) to imitate emerging midges .. Red thread, Black thread, XS wire. Black seals dub thorax with marabou cheeks and gills. Fished last, Well over 20 years ago, It would be part of a team fished using the washing line method.. Fun to brings old patterns back to life!