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Bass on the Booby
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Posted: 3-17-2013 9:18:52 PM

All of the Bass pros have a great whack of rods that are all lined up ready to go. When you watch the interviews and read the articles it seems that the key to success is their ability to change tactics to suit the mood of the fish. Fly Fishing is no different and there is a range of tackle options availlable to apply these startegies.
    One moment the fishing can be frenzied and fairly easy and the next minute it appears that the fish have all but dissapeared. What triggers these feeding cycles? Outwith weather a patterns  I havent the faintest idea but I do know that fishing during these "off" times can be painfully challenging. 
    Often you will see cruising fish that either ignore your fly all together or perhaps will follow but show no other sign of interest. This is when your faced to make the decision of either continuing to flog the water with what usually works or change things up until you can get a reaction.
   One day last summer when smallmouth were playing particularly hard to please.and fast running out of options I remembered about some boobies.
  I had tied  some time before with bass in mind but had not yet fished them. Desperate times calling for desperate measures  I switched up to a fast sink line with about 2 ft of leader and fished the booby on bottom in about 20ft of water.  I was also retrieving the fly in short sharp bursts allowing the booby to float up off of bottom in between times        
Whilst I wouldn't say it turned out to be a day for the record books, I did manage to avoid a skunking!   The 3 fish that took the fly that day all did so in such an arm jerking aggresive way that I cant wait to get out and try this again just on that alone! If you try this method for SMB be warned..Never let your gaurd may lose a rod!
Weed Guard and Anti Foul loop - RIO Slick shooter
Head- White 8mm Floozeyes
Hook- TMC 8089 size 6
Tail- Micro Mink White
Collar- White ostrich and pearl Krinkle flash
Body- GLO tubing,foam cylinder